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Fri, Feb. 4th, 2005, 06:50 pm

okay, so today my mom is 3*--a fact that she keeps denying. Silly lady.
I finally have an A in bio...but my joyous raucous was overthrown by Kelsey declaring that she had a 99!!! holy hell, and how?!
ummm, Winterfest is coming up and I really wanna go with the R-mahn, but it's entirely impossible.
Spent the day cleaning the house like a slave-child
uh...I have a db8 tourney on the 12th and then FBLA tourney on the 15th, and then db* state quals the 18th and 19th. OMM, the overwhelming-ness of it all. I need my own assitant and/or shrink.


on getting into your "#1 school!" ;D