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Insolent Fool

the slave of fashion...

8 May
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The NSLC Inside The Arts 2004 Community

Hi, guys! My name is Jill, but you can call me Tink, all of my bestest friends do! So here's the scoop on me: I'm 15, live in the tiniest town in da west and have more true friends than one can count on their fingers and toes...the thang is: i had to leave the state to find out that I was not alone in this world and find out who I really was! I hope you guys (you know who you are) know how much I love you. Not to sound cliche, but you all have inspired me in the most magnanimous ways. I feel so unbleievably fortunate to have met y'all and uber grateful to have had you actually see me. There is no way that i can ever, ever thank you enough for touching my life. I think about you all every single day.
Case in Point: I didn't know who I was without you, and I know who I am today...
♥4ever and a day
P.S. just don't 4get me!!!!!